... ever been in a sticky position?

Stickers, adhesives, labels or whatever you like to call them, we have them all.
On paper these products are standard ware and can be produced without difficulty. However, they are only temporarily applicable and durable.

Our synthetic stickers, on the other hand, are a highlight of offset printing considering the fact that, until recently, this process was only possible in screen and flexoprinting. Nowadays we are able to produce them in extraordinary quality and in the highest possible resolution (up to frequency modulated screen patterns).

Stickers on white foil:


The choice of transparency is the foundation of the product. Be it permanent, non-permanent or adhesive glue quality, PVC foil or eco friendly PP foil, the selection of material must not be underestimated. For example, security foils that self-destruct on separation have a unique composition and cost substantially more than standard materials.

Whether you choose to use transparent foil with opaque white undercoating or double-sided display adhesive, we are a competent partner for all your requirements.

Stickers with Opaque White Undercoating:

Aufkleber 4c

Aufkleber Deckweiß Unterdruck

The maximum paper format for this application is 600x740 mm and the resulting maximum print area is 580x720 mm.

We can accomplish 6 colours in a single print operation (EG: 2x Opaque White + 4x Euroskala) including UV varnish. UV varnish is a very important feature of this process as it increases the durability and the robustness of the products immensely.

Minimum quantity for smaller formats begins at around 500 copies and for bigger formats already at 100 copies.

The outstanding print face quality on these non-absorption materials will not fail to convince you.