We take it to the next level…

In recent years the 1. Aichfelder Druck GesmbH has established itself as a front runner in the industry of refinement technology, notably in the field of specialized print and finishing processes. Through innovative application of modern technology throughout all stages of the development and production process, we are able to offer our clients the absolute best in unique and exciting print products. Irrespective of the product in question, our technologies and processes can be diversely applied to acquire a range of sophisticated effects, making your product a unique and memorable masterpiece for your audience.

Following is a overview of our applied technologies and processes:

  • Lenticular printing
  • UV-Offset printing
  • Hot-foil embossing, blind-embossing, flat or 3D-embossing
  • Digital printing
  • Personalization using text, colors, images or coding
  • UV lamination, water based, flat and spot coating
  • Stamping
  • Finishing enhancement
  • Lettershop and Shipping (national and international)
  • Folding, bonding, binding and labeling

Examples of products using combined technologies:

  • Certificates: UV-Offset printed plastic foil with further hot-foil stamping, encoded with variable codes, perforated and hole-punched. Furthermore, this product can be handwritten on.
  • Presentation folder: Polypropylene plastic folders, die-cut, die-greased and decorated with digital printing.
  • Display case slide-ins: mini-poster on a non-transparent material (220my polypropylene) for insertion into acrylic displays.
  • Mailing: personalized direct-mail along with an attached sachet, printed cardboard envelope with hot-foil embossing and a tear-strip.
  • Postcard-mailing: postcard personalized with image and text, UV-coated, coded with a data-matrix and bar code.
  • Business report: a 30-copy edition using top-quality digital printing, register-punching and overview guidelines, along with a metalized paper cover.
  • Business catalogue: A5-brochure with spot coating, a laminated envelope with UV-spot coating and hot-foil stamping, set packaging and bar code labels.
  • Counterfeit-proof accreditation certificates: plastic cards (suitable for laser processing) with UV-spot coating, holographic-foil stamping, fluorescent UV-color, die-cut and perforated.
  • Event invitations: laminated with a lenticular cover, personalized ticket and envelope, processed, decorated and sent
  • And many, many more...

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