Sample Service

We know from experience that it can be difficult to visualize your final product, especially when dealing with a specific finishing effect or print material. We will gladly assist you by sending you samples from our previous productions.

The production of test prints is unfortunately not free-of-charge due to the considerable amount of time and effort required. In most cases, digital printing can be extremely helpful in conceptualizing different ideas combined with different materials, all without incurring high costs.

Using our cutting plotter, we will gladly produce a sample of your product; boxes, containers, packages, folders, contours, etc. irrespective of the print material- plastic, paper or carton. The costs thereof are very reasonable however, feel free to consult one of our project managers beforehand for the exact details and any other assistance you may need.

For lenticular products you have the option to create a digitally printed sample, which will accurately represent the original to a degree of about 60-70%. A genuine, offset-printed sample is considerably more expensive but has the advantage of having 100% repeatability. We will gladly consult you on these matters; don’t hesitate to get in touch!