The sooner the better…

Here at the prepress we have a guideline for success. The sooner you involve us in the planning stages of your printing project, the more we can assist you towards creating your perfect product, as well as keeping costs to a minimum.

High-Tech at the prepress

The entire preliminary stage is equipped with a PDF workflow. Additionally, we have a wide range of tools available to analyze and edit any print data you provide. Primarily our manufacturing process utilizes the CMYK workflow, plus special colors. The use of RGB data should be avoided where possible.

Standard software such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. are available on site, and all facilitate the visual representation of the effects applicable to your print job. Transparencies, gradients, masks etc. are the bread and butter of our specialists, being a part of their every day workflow.

For optimum results on all kinds of print surfaces/print materials, it is absolutely necessary to employ professional color management. By doing so, all processes dealing with offset and digital printing are regulated and adapted to FOGRA standards, thus the output conforming to standardized specifications, as well as enabling the repeatability of the print assignment. These processes are constantly monitored and regulated.

We apply several screening techniques to ensure the highest quality requirements are fulfilled. In addition to deploying the conventional AM-screening (#60 / #70 / #80), we also utilize XM-screening (#100) for more sophisticated print forms as well as a specially developed lenticular screening technique. At a resolution of 2400 dpi, it is possible to apply screening up to 400 lpi on the printing plates.

A digital proof system is available for test printing, with color rendering at around 90% accuracy.

A fully automated CTP-system along with thermal printing plates is the guarantee for consistent high quality throughout the printing plate imaging process.

Lenticular Workflow

This is a very tricky aspect during the prepress stage. Here is where the technological requirements, the know-how of our employees and their creative vision is most important. Whether 3D, flip, animation or morph effects, we can realize any ideas you may have in mind. We will gladly assist you, based on our wealth of experience in manufacturing lenticular products, when it comes to choosing the ideal images and effects. Lenticular proofs allow you to preview your product before committing to the entire, and sometimes expensive, printing project. A great way to save on unnecessary costs!

The secret lies in diversity

Our employees are the ideal contacts if you need a consultation regarding printing and finishing procedures, specifically concerning our special effects and unique combinations thereof. They will gladly discuss with you the implementation of stamping forms, embossing styles, spot coating, drip-off coating, personalization with text and images, and much more!