Cutting equipment with exceptional precision in the 1/100 mm range is a prerequisite for the production process, irrespective of plastic, paper, carton or cardboard.

A huge number of folding options ensures unlimited possibilities for the subsequent processing. Paper, plastic and carton up to (approximately) 600 g/m2 is folded and glued fully automated, using a range of sophisticated equipment.

The manual or automated dispensing of adhesive tape, fingerlift tape and tear tape can significantly enhance your product line.

Saddle stitching up to a format of A3 is also one of our basic services.

For special applications (plastic cards, labels, etc.) we use a label die-cutter up to a format of 23 * 23 cm. This guarantees a smooth and ridge-free cut, for an even higher standard of die-cutting quality. Nevertheless, the one-off costs for the machinery are significantly higher than the conventional steel strip die-cutting.

All the non-mechanical, manual procedures that we undertake can be found under the menu technology -> lettershop.