Modern packaging is more than just an expendable cover for your product

Nowadays we are confronted with all sorts of packaging, whether at home, while shopping, at the office, or elsewhere. Today’s packaging needs to be a multi-purpose product within itself, fulfilling several requirements and not just a simple container for your merchandise.

It should function as a protective measure, as well as facilitate any transporting needs. Moreover, it can serve as a promotional tool, as well as a useful information source. Additionally, it may be utilized as a storage receptacle, or even an expendable container.

Without further ado, here are a few examples of our production processes and options.

Plastic Packaging

Plastics are currently the most popular trend in terms of packaging. Boxes/containers made out of transparent or semi-transparent plastics convey the feeling of being closer to the product; you can see what you are purchasing, without having to open the cover.

Packets with plastic composition of up to 800my material strength are significantly superior to paper or cardboard containers. Through clever design you can achieve very trendy and stylish visual effects. Special lenticular effects (3D, flip or animation) can be applied perfectly to product packaging, resulting in the ideal way to grab your consumer’s attention, whether it’s an eye-catching design on the shelf, in advertising or even in direct mail. In essence, it introduces the option to create a vibrant and appealing package design.

Shipping Envelopes

A refreshing alternative from the conventional brown envelopes, we offer fully customizable shipping folders based on your unique CD/CI that are both stylish and trendy. You can choose between a number of finishing techniques and effects, as well as additions like tear-strips, self-adhesive seals or even visual demarcations for capacity measurements. All these factors combined can be of utmost importance when conveying a positive first impression to your recipients. These products are commonly used for daily mail, promotional content, personalized releases etc.


We do not exclusively deal with sophisticated and refined merchandise. Our product range also encompasses a wide range of ‘normal’ cardboard and paper products, such as cartons, ticket folders, presentation folders (with or without capacity), die-cut shapes, boxes, folding boxes etc. According to requirements and application, all products can be further enhanced using procedures like coating, hot-foil stamping, blind-embossing, laminating, die-cutting and gluing.

Packaging with Security Features

If you require security enhancing precautions to prevent unauthorized duplicates or forgeries, we offer a range of opportunities for your peace of mind. Technical solutions include embossing (with or without foil), lamination with iridescent effects (Iriodin for example), fluorescent attributes or a combination using metallic colors. These enhancements make it difficult to almost impossible for counterfeiters to replicate your print products.