Outdoor Advertising

Widespread exposure is probably the most important factor in successful advertising. Our technological capabilities when it comes to large-scale digital printing opens up numerous possibilities, in terms of both indoor and outdoor advertising, for you to reach out to your target audience.

Our partner firm 2smart – Intelligent Printing GmbH., which deals exclusively with digital printing, significantly enhances our production range for the 1. Aichfelder Druck GesmbH. Consequently, we can assist you with your entire advertising campaign, with the advantage of having one contact person in charge of all the products and range of services you may require.

To simplify your understanding of our product range, we have categorized our outdoor advertising into several subdivisions.


Single and short runs for posters in the format A2, A1 and A0 up to a maximum width of 150cm, can be coupled with almost unlimited length. You can choose between paper for interior and exterior environments (blueback) or even synthetics for long-term applications.

Display cases / Lightboxes

Here you have the option of decorating your display cases with your own customized printed materials. The possibilities are numerous; from shaped foils, to translucent 4c printed sheets and even paper insertions. We even offer the option to manufacture display cases tailored to your exact requirements in our very own workshop. We can incorporate numerous Illuminant and lighting effects (LED, fluorescent lights, etc.) to complete your ideal product.

Vehicular Advertising

A very popular advertising method, in addition to being cheap, when considering the amount of views!

The most basic vehicular advertising method is foil cutting. Using vectors, the desired contour of your text or logo is cut out of a colored sheet of foil. Your creative opportunities are almost limitless when using the above method in combination with image printed 4c foils. The utilized foils have a life span of 7 years (depending on application). Special motifs such as carbon-look, silver-brushed, etc. can further enhance your color and motif choice.

We use special software for the implementation of your motif onto the actual vehicle, which contains current vehicular data, dimensions and blueprints; this simplifies the visual representation of your advertising in advance.

Due to the fact that vehicular advertising with printed colorful motifs is a standard procedure nowadays, surface protection is crucial; using lamination, we can guarantee the long-lasting durability of the applied foils.

Certified special-window-foils for application on car and window-panes can ensure almost total coverage of your vehicle. These foils remain transparent from inside the vehicle and do not restrict visibility, therefore causing no safety concerns while driving.


Irrespective of the target material, whether aluminium, polystyrene, composite panels or hard-foam plates, we can laminate your printed foils onto the desired surface. The maximum width in terms of printing and laminating stands at 150 cm, per piece. However, the tiling of larger motifs makes it possible for us to create much larger advertising panels.

Popular applications: construction signs, road signs, advertising boards in shopping centers, storefront advertising, billboards (indoor and outdoor), plans, etc.


A tried and tested method of advertising for events, sporting grounds, overpasses, fences, construction sites, etc.

Like before, the choice of material is here is dependent on the scope of application. Opaque materials or standard banner foils, as well as permeable net foils can be lined and dispensed for attachment at the desired location.


We have an experienced in-house service team, equipped with professional tools, for the expert installation of your products on site.

Consultations and viewing appointments on site can be organized at any time through our field employees.