Products we use on a daily basis

Whether its envelopes, shipping containers (paper or cardboard), business cards, stationary, complimentary notes, we can take care of all your business requirements.

We offer a wide range of print products to successfully project your corporate design and corporate identity; you may even be spoiled for choice!

Optimum color representation is only possible if your product range has a consistent theme, for example, all your paper products being printed on the same type of material. We have an extensive offer on different ‘packages’ based on our manufacturers and suppliers: Olin, Conqueror, Distinction, ON-Business, just to name a few. However, please note that prices can vary significantly, based on the aforementioned factors. We will happily consult you regarding these matters!

The choice of color is also extremely important for your company’s representation through the print materials. Technically speaking we have several options to create your ideal print products, whether it is in the 4-color European scale (CMYK) or spot colors from the Pantone or HKS color range. Due to the fact that all these styles are produced with uncoated paper, it is important to bear in mind the use of uncoated color-chips when deciding on your color palette.

Naturally, office supplies can also be enhanced using our refinement processes (see technology - finishing). The most common finishing methods are hot-foil stamping and embossing. Coating finishes are not recommendable when dealing with office supplies, stationary for example, due to the texture of the paper, and its subsequent usage in laser printers.

Mailing envelops are mainly manufactured using brown carton. However, we are more than capable of producing printed shipping folders customized with your CD/CI, including tear-strips and/or self-adhesive seals. (see products - packaging).

Invitations, Flyers, Leaflets, Notices, Brochures, etc.

Be it your upcoming presentation or a mid-week art exhibition, we tailor to every single occasion. Whether you require black and white, monotone or multi color, with or without finishing, offset-printing or digital printing, our technological capabilities are almost limitless when it comes to creating your perfect product.