Common Digital Products

The biggest advantage of manufacturing the offset and digital print products in-house is that during the production process we can assist you in every step of the way. Our vast experience in this field enables us to categorize the 4 classes of digital printing.

1. The production of minimal, or limited editions containing static or variable content: Verified by experience as well as statistical data, it is substantiated that an order of up to 400/500 pieces is more practical and cost-effective (cheaper) when manufactured via digital printing, irrespective of the product, whether business cards, or a book with 500 pages. The greatest advantage lies in the reduced storage costs, as well as the possibility to apply changes to your product anytime.

2. Products with dynamic content: offset printing is still restricted to the ‘reproduction’ of prints with static content. On the contrary, digital printing can diversify every single copy with unique content, regardless of text, photos, texts in photos, graphics, colors, layouts etc. Hence, the order size is immaterial when manufacturing digital prints with variable content. Real life examples show that order quantities can easily range from several thousand to even hundreds of thousands of copies. In this case however, a combination of databases and layouts is mandatory.

3. Product combinations: An important opportunity for us to create end products which maximize the benefits for our customers. For example, an offset printed plastic card with hot-foil stamping as well as personalization using a bar code and number. To top it off, the product can even be written on!

4. Instant productions: there are numerous cases where the time factor is of utmost importance. Digital printing is the optimum solution. The data is analyzed, printed, processed and can even be shipped out on the very same day.

Exceptional products and exceptional materials of exceptional proportions!

As one of the few exclusive owners of the iGen4 machine, we can offer special prints in the format 364 * 571 mm. All types of digital print can be produced using this format.

With regards to the print materials, we are not restricted to the standard digital printing paper. We can also print on synthetic materials, adhesive foils (transparent or white) or even surface-treated paper and cardboard, for example, metallized cartons. The use of graphical papers (coated, uncoated and surface-treated) in digital printing is a practical alternative to offset printing.

Finishing touches on digital prints

What was unimaginable several years ago is today very common practice – the finishing procedures on digital prints. Whether spot or surface-coating with UV-varnish, hot-foil stamping, embossing or laminating, these finishing techniques are applicable on all digital prints, irrespective of the material.


Books of minimal or limited edition (minimizes the publishing risk), Company newsletters, employee magazines, community newspapers, tickets (numbered), invitations (with or without personalization), direct mailings, flyers with personal data, brochures, business cards (carton or foil), instruction manuals, personalized CD and DVD cases (request a sample!), invoice printing with value-added effects, personalized calendars, etc.

Large format printing and adhesive sheets

Our ecosolvent inkjet system is the perfect solution for digital printing at print widths up to 160 cm. Built primarily for outdoor applications, but also developed for interior use, this production process is highly versatile. Long-term durability for vehicle stickers, displays, showcases or all kinds of panels/boards are coated with an additional laminate. 3D-stickers for cars, trucks or transporters are also possible through utilization of special materials.

Adhesive foils for vehicular lettering (car stickers), boards or even store windows/display cases are contour cut using a cutting plotter and consequently glued onto the desired subsurface using transfer tape. In this case, different materials are utilized depending on the effect, either surface adhesion or 3D-adhesion.

A diverse range of materials from paper (standard paper, photo-paper and blueback poster paper) to backlite foil, nets, banners and self-adhesive foils (white, transparent) allow for limitless creative freedom. Lamination can be applied on numerous surfaces such as kappa, carton, foam plates, aluminium, wood, acryl, polystyrene etc.

Our experienced assembly team will take care of the installation on site.