1. The Las Vegas Concept

Our building is located at the corner of a large business park; directly at the entrance to the commercial estate. The south and west sides are situated alongside the main access roads, fielding a magnificent view, whereas the north and east sides are classic back ends. In order to keep the construction costs at a minimum, our architects ( adhered to the infamous Las Vegas Concept: all attention to the front, nothing but the cheapest in the back.

The design of the facade however, is nothing like classic Las Vegas architecture. Unlike the Las Vegas concept, where emphasis is placed upon glitzy and glamorous design, our façade aims to accommodate ease of use, consumer-friendly and efficient service. After all, we are a print shop and not a hotel!

A grassy hill serves as the main vantage point, the entrance found through the cornerstone of the building, the delivery zone as the classic priority route, sun-blends decorating a luxurious glass façade, and to top it off, a grand wall decorated with golden shingles.


2. Loft + Functionality + Flexibility + Connection + Communication

The principle spatial requirements are very simple: A large hall, where everything is exactly in its place. In fact, would our industrial equipment not generate so much noise and heat, the protective walls would probably not be necessary. Therefore, the organizational structure of the floor plan revolves around the functional processes within the building.

Paper is delivered to the northern tract and stored in the back end of the hall, in a temperature controlled environment. Customers enter the offices in the south-western tract, where orders are first processed, then graphically realized in pre-press and exposed onto printing plates. These are transferred directly to the printing machines of the printing department. Once the prints are completed, the paper stacks are transported via the center of the hall back to the northern tract and into the binding department. From there, they are brought to the delivery department in the north-eastern part of the building. Smaller quantities are sent to the customer office, where they can be picked up. All areas of work are connected to each other by a direct communicative line. To ensure a simple, hassle-free production process, all production facilities are located on one stepless level.

For consultations and meetings, clients can choose between a comfortable lounge in the reception area, or an office in the upper level of the compound. This office has a great view of the manufacturing area, whereby the whole production process can be followed step-by-step and explained in detail if requested. The common room and sanitary facilities are also located on the upper floor.

Everything print-related is located on one level on the ground floor to ensure a smooth and hassle-free production process. The total surface area of the compound amounts to 3050 m2